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She told me that killing myself was bad.
I even believed her for a moment there
But you fell for her trap without realizing
That with every bit of her drink you sip
You’re killing a part of yourself,
Swallowing it with those emotions of mine
That you feed off of like air...
Sucking me dry and robbing me of
My right to pity you the way you pity me.
We may have been too stupid to know any better
But we called each other “friend” once,
Back when the kool aid wasn’t spiked.
Now times have changed and I’m still searching
For the courage to see to it
That I quickly drown myself
In my own failures,
Instead of doing it torturously slow
The way you do...
In someone else’s.
NOT SUICIDAL..... just writing from a fictional viewpoint..... which I do sometimes.
B1G-T Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2004
Very grim :tears: but well suited to the picture since she looks pretty grim herself. :clap:
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June 30, 2004
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