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Flowers In The Attic by PsydewaysTears Flowers In The Attic :iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0 Invert by PsydewaysTears Invert :iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0 Yummy Me by PsydewaysTears Yummy Me :iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 1 3 Toe-Bug by PsydewaysTears Toe-Bug :iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 3
What Life is Like
Here, have a bundle of
Beheaded white roses.
Find out what the secret
That my heart bestows is.
You're welcome to examine
The world of my bedroom,
You'll notice that the teardrops
Are always in full bloom.
And maybe!
You'll see!
What life is like to be...
Shuffle through piles
Of words once forgotten:
Like suffer and pricker
And so misbegotten.
Dust away crannies of
Cobwebbed desires,
And sniff the old scents of
Stale pit-bulls and liars.
And maybe!
You'll see!
What life is like to be...
Well, snip my toes
And prep my vase...
It slits my throat
Despite my face!
But that's not who I am anyway!
But that's not who I am anyway!
But that's not who I am anyway!
Beneath the bloody bedsheets
My dignity remains,
The secret to my success
Is pumping through my veins.
Here, have a bundle of
Beheaded white roses.
And maybe...
You'll see.
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 1 3
The Lying Game
Little girls are drawing the word "Loveliness"
Up and down the sides of their faces
But I rather doubt they've even met the poor old thing.
I went to visit her the other day
In the old folks home for forgotten faeries.
She can't speak anymore
But her eyes still twinkle just as gloriously as ever.
I shut off the soap opera on her television
And knelt beside her bed.
She held out her shaking hand
And I clasped mine around her fragile little fingers.
I reassured her that we hadn't all forgotten about her
And that she still did exist in some things
But I think she knew deep down
That I was full of shit.
I didn't want to lie to her
Any more than she wanted to be lied to
But I live in a lying world
Where even the sweetest and most simplest truths
Are still twice baked in convectional ovens of farce-filled fantasy.
I reached into my backpack
And pulled out a daisy-chain-necklace.
She smiled and leaned her head forward
So I could wrap it around her neck.
She picked up a pad of paper that she k
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
Wish for Me
Just close your eyes and make a wish for me.
Unleash the dormant powers up your sleeve.
Make sure you make me wondrous as can be.
I'll be the greatest man you can perceive.
Wish for a hand to hold on stormy nights.
Wish for a smile to light the darkened streets.
Wish that my eyes beheld breathtaking sights.
Wish that my tongue would taste like sug'ry sweets.
I'll be that man who's there when you're in need,
Whenever there's a whim you deem fulfilled.
I'll be that man who pleases you indeed,
Keeping you gay and charmed and loved and thrilled.
And rest assured I'll find you through the mist.
(-since-) It's only in your mind that I exist.
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
There must be someone wond'rin'—
Wond'rin' just as hard as I,
"What is the blinking presence
That lies on the other side?"
There must be someone askin'—
Askin' "Who?" and "Where?" and "Why?",
"What could have locked itself inside?
Why must it have to hide?"
There must be someone thinkin'—
Thinkin' with a hungry eye,
"The light, the lure, the wonder
Is to much for me to bide!"
Hand on handle—
Heart on pause—
Squeaking hinges
Sound applause.
And there was someone wond'rin'—
Wond'rin' just as I had thought.
And there was someone askin'—
Askin' all that I had not.
There was a person lookin'—
Lookin' out as I looked in...
At the mirror of a person
That I once, one day, had been.
So I set free my stowaway
And turned off the closet light..
Ready to face another day
And to brave another night.
Hand in hand and
Heart on Start—
I ripped my need
To hide apart!
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 1 0
Here and Now
Acid from your blowhole
Stains my velvet pillow
Every time you open your mouth.
I can smell it as I'm sleeping—
Asleep to your questions—
Asking me how much I love you.
So I squish my fingers together
So that I ooze out small drips of satisfaction—
Someone else's satisfaction.
It's the sandpaper on your tongue
That tastes like forgetfulness
That has smoothed my diligence
Down into complacentness.
Maybe yesterday wasn't as lonely
As tomorrow's shaping up to be.....
Or maybe yesterday and tomorrow are both giggling at me
Behind my back...
Because I'm stuck here
With you.
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
Find me,
Finding you tonight.
Grind me,
Grind with all your might.
Make me,
Make it all alright.
Take me,
Take it all away.
Thrill me,
Thrill me as I sway.
Kill me,
Kill me now today!
Kiss me,
Kissing you goodbye.
Miss me,
Miss me when I die.
Heal me,
Heal me when I cry.
Steal me,
Steal my fitted glove.
Fill me,
Fill me with your love.
Kill me,
Kill me from above!
Lift me,
Lift away the clouds.
Shift me,
Shift me in your shrouds.
Save me,
Save me from the crowds.
Wave me
Wave your last "hello".
Will me,
Will me as I go.
Kill me—
Just don't do it slow...
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
Confessions for a Phantom Girl
It's insanity.
This looming vacancy when you're not here.
The kind that's afraid
that its place in paradise
has been postponed indefinitely.
The kind that hangs itself in its closet
and scratches at its neck in suspended agony.
The kind that's always screaming
but never really says anything.
But if you did one day decide
to listen to everything I'm not saying,
I'd tell you not to worry.
I'd tell you that no wrong could ever come to us
because everything you're feeling for me....
I'm feeling it too....
for you.
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
Preheat butter.
Make it boil.
Mix your water
With my oil.
Close your eyes
And stare at me...
Believe in only
what you see.
Scrape away
The orange rust.
Dabble me
With pixie dust.
Speak the words
That only sing
In lullabies
To everything.
Lift my lid off
Pour you in...
Set the timer—
Let me begin.
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
Dusty Tapshoes
He danced through life as if on cue
Each step another task,
But then one day he searched his soul
And couldn't help but ask:
"Is what my heart is bleeding for
Beyond what hope can give?
Can not I give unto myself
Reason enough to live?"
The silence echoed truth enough
To answer his dark plea...
The loneliness turned him into
Inconsequential me.
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
One Speck
The blackest of black skies have only hinted at the emptiness that encompassed The Beginning. The circle that grew to a sphere. The sphere that grew to a state of mind surpassing all comprehensible shapes of matter. And just as thoughts are born, such was the creation of The Speck.  
      In himself he found the universe; both a complete reflection and utter inversion of all that ever was... was in him. The Speck never aged or grew physically but time still existed and he was aware of it. He could remember the difference between the now and the then and eventually he began to expect the later. It became truth. It was the way it was.  
      After many laters The Speck found himself estranged. Estranged from the stillness of his allotted place in the world. And so The Speck decided to move. Once. And twice a little further. Then thrice just a little bit faster. And along every which way in back-and-forth-pi
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
Compiled Fracture by PsydewaysTears Compiled Fracture :iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 0
Devil, Devil, Hear Me Pray
Devil, Devil,
Hear me pray.
Listen close
To what I say:
I would pay you to tempt me
With your every little lie
And send to me your malice
Wrapped up in a cherry pie.
Devil, Devil,
Hear me pray.
Keep my sobbing
Eyes at bay:
I would beg you to strike me
As a Devil only could.
I deserve more to suffer
Than to be just understood.
Devil, Devil,
Hear me pray.
Teach me of
The wicked way:
I would ask you to take me
Far away from who I am.
I bet there is no one here
Who would even give a damn.
Devil, Devil,
Hear me pray.
Take me, Take—
Take me away:
But if I cannot make you
Do to me what you must...
I will send me to you
With a single, well-placed thrust!
:iconpsydewaystears:PsydewaysTears 0 2

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